Assessing the power of companies in soy and cattle supply chains

23rd July 2018

High profile commitments to address deforestation, such as the New York Declaration on Forests, have led to a number of NGO platforms and scorecards designed to assess progress on how these commitments are being delivered. But while they provide valuable analysis of companies’ efforts, most do not look at the power and influence wielded by the companies involved.

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What are companies doing to address deforestation from soy and cattle production in their supply chains?

Explore and compare company policies and progress so far.

How this assessment tool can help

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Explore company policies and commitments to address deforestation risks across their supply chains.

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See what progress companies report on implementing their deforestation policies across their supply chains.

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Discover a company’s influence across the supply chain to better understand the potential impact of their deforestation policies.

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What makes this tool different?

  • It goes beyond assessing company policies to include measures of self-reported progress against these policies.
  • It includes scoring on a company’s influence across the supply chain to demonstrate the level of reach and potential impact of company policies.
  • It covers companies operating across all stages of the supply chain for major forest-risk commodities.
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