About this project

Company action on deforestation is a data-driven platform that tracks the power, policies, and self-reported progress of companies involved in soy and cattle supply chains in Latin America.

The platform focuses on 137 companies producing or sourcing soy and cattle from the Amazon, Cerrado and Gran Chaco regions where demand for soy and cattle continues to drive the loss of vital natural habitat. It includes companies operating across the entire supply chain, from producers to retailers.

Companies were assessed for the strength of their policies, their self-reported progress against these policies, and their power within the supply chain, with assessments completed by March 2018. Company assessments can be compared to see which companies are making progress – and which companies are lagging behind.

How do we assess companies?


We assess the strength of a company’s publicly available deforestation policies and commitments based on their scope and rigour, including their protection of forests and native vegetation.


Companies are assessed for the incremental actions taken to implement their policies and commitments. Progress is measured using company self-reported data collected from publicly available sources.


We assess a company’s influence in terms of their scale of operation, control of their supply chain and size in relation to the other companies assessed on the platform.

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Which companies are included?

The companies assessed have all been selected because they play a major role in producing, trading or sourcing cattle or soy from the three priority biomes in Latin America – the Amazon, the Cerrado, and the Chaco.



Cattle is the largest driver of tropical deforestation globally and accounts for approximately 75% of forest clearing in Brazil.



Conversion of forests into soy plantations continues to increase in Latin America, including in the Cerrado where 90% of crops are soy.

Covering the full supply chain

We assess companies spanning soy and cattle supply chains from producers and traders to consumer goods manufacturers and retailers.

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Why focus on these geographical areas?

We focus on three areas of particular ecological importance: the Amazon and Cerrado in Brazil, and the Gran Chaco in Argentina and Paraguay. More than two thirds of deforestation in these areas is the result of soy and beef production. As global demand for these commodities increases, these biodiversity hotspots are coming under ever greater threat.

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